Mushroom Workshops

The mushroom identification workshops are open to HBMS members who want to learn just a few edibles, those who would like to be able to identify fungi to species and those who are somewhere in between. The classes are taught by knowledgeable members and include a power point presentation of the features used to identify mushrooms and then hands on work with common fungi and keys using those features. More advanced classes on using keys are also offered if there are enough interested members. Consult the Calendar for details on this season’s classes.

We recommend David Arora’s “All the Rain Promises and More” for those primarily interested in a few edibles but strongly advise his “Mushrooms Demystified” for those wanting to learn more. Also available is the recently published “Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast”.

A few photos from our members

Amanita muscaria button
(Photo: Don Bryant)

Cantharellus formosus
(Photo: Noah Siegel)

Pseudohydnum gelatinosum

Pseudohydnum gelatinosum
(Photo: Vicki Fikes)