Agaricus crocodilinus

Photo by: ©2011 Debbie Viess (See
Date of photo: 09-May-2011
Location of photo: Point Reyes National Seashore, Marin Co., California, USA
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Anybody Seen This Mushroom Lately?

Agaricus crocodilinus is a huge (can be dinner plate size) white Agaricus with squat stature and large warts on the cap. It is a delicious edible like A smithii or A. augustus in flavor.

Members of the HBMS used to find it in March – May in large numbers in the sheep pastures along the “wildcat” road between Ferndale and Petrolia. It has been found very few other places. I asked Noah Siegel if he had a picture of this species for his book and he told me that no one has found it in years in Sonoma County where it also was found. I haven’t looked for it in years myself and Bob Fischer and Louise Minor, who used to collect it regularly, said they stopped looking for it because they didn’t find it for several years. Anyone interested in hunting for it? It is a bit of a drive but a beautiful one.

If anyone should find this mushroom, please photograph it, collect it and notify me. It is ecologically very interesting and I would like to document it.

-Joann Olson